€ 80 net value, per initial manuscript page

€ 50 net value, per initial manuscript page, if at least one of the authors of the article is affiliated with an organization that is a member of the Autex Association.


„Initial manuscript” it is the original version of the manuscript submitted to the Editorial Manager System.

„One page” is 250 words.

All charges, commissions and fees of payer's and drawer's bank(s) should be covered by the Payer.

When submitting a manuscript to the Editorial Manager system for publication in the Autex Research Journal, authors are required to provide the details of the publication fee payer, in particular:

  • When the payer is an institution - it is necessary to specify the full name of the Institution, it's full address and VAT Number;
  • When the payment is made personally by the author - it is necessary to specify the author's name and his home address.

Based on this data, the VAT invoice will be charged.

According to polish law the publication service is taxed at 23% VAT for companies, institutions, universities and individual authors from Poland and individual authors from abroad. For foreign institutions, publication services are not subject to VAT in Poland; The Purchaser is obliged to charge themselves the VAT in his country (reverse charge).

The publishing fee should be paid after the review procedure has been successfully completed and the article has been approved for publication in a given issue. During this time, the author, upon receipt of the electronic proforma invoice from the editorial office, should pay the amount due to the bank account indicated on the proforma invoice. Bank transfer is the only acceptable form of payment of publication fees.

The publishing fee must be paid within the period specified on the proforma invoice, but not longer than 30 days from the date of issuing the proforma invoice. Upon receipt of the publishing fee, ARJ will send the author an invoice as confirmation of payment. Failure to pay in due time will remove the article from the list of accepted articles waiting for publication.



According to fake emails which you can receive in connection with payments for publishing fees, Autex Research Journal would like to inform that we are not going through a bank audit and we do not send any others invoices with payment via western union (London United Kingdom) or any other form.

Please make  payments only via bank transfers to the following polish bank details:

Bank: BANK PEKAO S.A. II o/LODZ                
Location: Piotrkowska 270; 90-361 Lodz; Poland                
Beneficiary: Politechnika Lodzka
Account nr: PL56124030281978000028222358                
SWIFT Code: PKOPPLPW                

Any other bank details are fake.

In case of doubt, please contact the editorial office of the Journal:


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